The shameless Selfeet

Selfeet (sel·fēt) n. A selfie of your feet.

While the lingo may be novel to some (this is a term I regret to say I’ve only recently discovered), the concept itself has been around for much longer. All too often I have resorted to taking Selfeets whenever I felt that my normal face Selfies were best kept offline. I know I’m not alone.

As a subtle form of self-portraiture, Selfeets are overlooked and often criticized. “Why do people take pictures of their feet?” The answer is simple. Selfeets depict your point of view in a different way. Whether you long to show off your favorite shoes or possess a fascination with the ground beneath them, it lends your friends and followers a new perspective of where you stand in the world– literally. Come across beautiful ground? Simply place your feet (avec ou sans shoes) in the frame and snap your picture. Your feet are a stamp of your existence in a place in that exact moment in time.

So, take your #Selfeets and shamelessly post them onto the Interwebs. I know I will.



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