5 Cringeworthy trends to remind us on how far we’ve come

Last night at dinner I got to thinking (!!!) about the rise and fall of certain trends since the turn of the century. As a kid, these changes were seamless– I didn’t notice when boys stopped wearing jean shorts or when girls stopped wearing those 80s-inspired leg warmers over their leggings. As an adult, I’ve become much more aware of these transitions and I decided to revisit 5 trends that serve to remind us on how far we’ve come.

1. Frosted tips… a la Sugar Ray or Justin Timberlake circa 2000. Bonus points received if the hair was as hard as a rock due to an overwhelming amount of hair gel.


2. Capri leggings under ripped jean skirts. I’m guilty of this one. Thanks to Abercrombie and Hollister for the memories.


3. Wearing clothes backwards. I did this once and I’ve never gone faster from feeling so cool to so dumb. Kriss Kross, you can keep this one.


4. Cargo pants that you could unzip to make into shorts. Featured on many dads.


And last, but certainly not least…

5. Phatpants. (Very aptly named) If you’ve ever seen the video of the cybergoth dance party, you’ll know what these are. These unusually wide-legged jeans catered to both men and women within rave communities.




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